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"Protist Morphology" Samples collected during Tara-Oceans expeditions (2009-2012).

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Bar Code Station number Sample category Depth Size Fractionsort descending Replicate Geographic Area Latitude Longitude Actions
G100018968 173 Formol-TOT Surface W NA Edit Delete
G100004486 093 Syraco DCM W 2 Pacific Ocean Edit Delete
A100001413 031 Nutrient other W 3 Red Sea Edit Delete
G100008453 128 Lugol-TOT DCM W 2 Pacific Ocean Edit Delete
G100007291 136 Lugol-TOT DCM W 1 Pacific Ocean Edit Delete
G100005072 093 Nutrient other W 9 Pacific Ocean Edit Delete
G000000132 049 Flow cytometry Surface W 3 Indian Ocean Edit Delete
G100002363 068 Nutrient other W 4 Atlantic Ocean Edit Delete
S100001605 028 Nutrient other W 1 Mediterranean Sea Edit Delete
G000000974 058 Flow cytometry DCM W Indian Ocean Edit Delete
A100001109 032 Lugol-TOT DCM W 2 Red Sea Edit Delete
G000002498 078 Flow cytometry Surface W 2 Atlantic Ocean Edit Delete
G100003183 074 Nutrient other W 8 Atlantic Ocean Edit Delete
E200002400a 022 Nutrient other W 6 Mediterranean Sea Edit Delete
G100002237 071 Nutrient other W 10 Atlantic Ocean Edit Delete
A100000083 018 Nutrient other W 4 Mediterranean Sea Edit Delete
G100009694 106 Formol-TOT DCM W 1 Pacific Ocean Edit Delete
G100008760 109 Syraco Surface W 2 Pacific Ocean Edit Delete
G000000838 129 Flow cytometry DCM W 3 Pacific Ocean Edit Delete
G100002684 064 Nutrient other W 5 Indian Ocean Edit Delete