Sample request

The Tara Morpho Samples Package

On this page you will find all the documents needed to request samples from us (cf. below):

  • The Project description form (docx)
  • Sample access organization (docx)
  • Overview of sample types available (xlsx)
  • Google earth file to visualize Tara stations and CTD cast positions along with V9 meta-data availability « TaraOceansShareData.kmz » (kmz)
  • Google earth file with Krona representation of diversity revealed by 18S V9 sequencing “newdoc.kml” (kml)

How to make a Tara sample request?

with the following documents :

  • The Project description form with sample request summary (asked for each request)
  • An Excel File of samples requested containing barcodes and other sample information with volume or filter surface requested. To create this file you should use the “Search samples“ list on the homepage, where you can export your search results by clicking on the Excel button (XLS), on top of the table.